Academic Affairs Portfolio

Academic Affairs

The Academic Affairs Committee’s mission is to give students a voice within the administration, and a chance to make the academic experience at African Leadership University as beneficial as it can possibly be. This committee works on a variety of projects and design supporting protocols, all of which are academically focused.


  • Bridging the gap between students and the office of faculty and academic affairs.
  • Improving learning experiences for students on the campus.
  • Creating avenues for students to plug into academic opportunities as provided by the university or the office of the academic affairs committee.

Class Representative Protocol

The class representation system promotes communication and consultation between students, SRC Academic Committee and staff. It supports the University’s Strategic Imperatives of Excellence in Facilitating and Outstanding Student Experiences. The Class Representative Protocol provides guidelines on the administration of the class representation system and aims to ensure that the value of having a class representative system is recognised by staff and students.

Class Representative: A student in a given class who is voted to represent their fellow students in that class and to serve as a conduit for communication between students and staff. (Class representatives will be available for every cohort/class in the Leadership Core Programme and ALC Degree Programme)

Academic Space Protocol

This protocol sets out the principles and responsibilities associated with the provision, usage, and management of the university academic spaces to achieve strategic priorities and ensure operational effectiveness. Its scope includes all use of University Academic Spaces, including planned as well as ad hoc use of space for teaching and learning.

ALC Leadership Core Buddy

The ALC Leadership Core Buddy Program is organized by the Academic Committee Office of the Student Representative Council and supported by the Academic and Student Affairs through Leadership Core Department, with the aim of helping new students adapt easier to the African Leadership University Learning Model.


The Program aims to meet the needs of new students from their arrival at ALC, Mauritius, through their Leadership Core Period, with a view to overcoming everyday difficulties with their Academics. In essence, the program aims to help new students during the sociocultural adaptation process in addition to academic integration.

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