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ALU Alive

ALU Alive is a Holistic Wellness framework that students can tap into to create their own wellness narrative. The idea is that it is an entirely student-owned experience of life at ALU.


  • Carefully outlined processes which any student can use to set up an activity that positively impacts on one or a combination of the Alive components.
  • Be an all inclusive body for any student to participate in several activities that support them being sound in all aspects.
  • Ongoing activities which strategically aim at helping students stay engaged with the community in and outside ALU.

Components of ALU Alive

MOVE: physical activities including sports, self defence, fitness exercises.

GIVE: activities that support community service in one way or the other.

CONNECT: activities that aim at community building and passing on the ALU culture to our direct community and communities beyond our walls.

UNPLUG: activities that help student step out of daily schedules and relax or reconnect with themselves.


  • Students can sign up to run events that are aimed at creating a holistic student. Use this form to sign up
  • Provide an event proposal document stating what the event is and what the intended impact is on the society.
  • In the proposal, include a budget, a list of all the requirements and all stakeholders to ensure the activity is successful.
  • Included in the proposal should be the various steps involved in ensuring success from ideation to implementation, also include steps for post-events.
  • Funds application will have to be done through the committee head to ensure alignment and ease while carrying out a function.
  • Students who sign up to run events or activities are to be fully responsible for overseeing the entire process of executing this event. They shall also report to the component rep and would be supported by the ALU Alive team.
  • Students who borrow equipment from ALU Alive assume full responsibility of the borrowed equipment. Equipments are to be replaced or paid for if broken or spoilt except in the case of an accident which will be investigated by the team to fully collaborate the incident. A payment procedure shall then be communicated to the responsible parties.

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