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Clubs and Society

To bring together students that share common talent, interests and passions in the ALU community come together to promote, work on and enhance those interests and talents, whiles spreading their mission throughout the community. Learn more here


To inspire the development of  a value diverse, cohesive and informed management system for all clubs and societies under the African Leadership umbrella.


Creating a platform where students can liberally support a cause, express themselves or add value to the general student body by facilitating access to funds and other logistical aids for; events, public rallies/campaigns, social outreach programs and other unspecified negotiable channels.


How to start a new Club or Society

First, check out the list of all registered Clubs and Societies to see if your interest is already represented.

If otherwise, you can opt to proceed by creating a new club given you meet the requested criteria, one of the key considerations being a backing from five registered African Leadership University College students.

All new clubs and societies applications will be carefully considered. Follow this link for more information on starting new Clubs and Societies.

How to register a Student Venture

Registration is open throughout the year. Read more.

Renewal of registration

Registered clubs, societies, and student ventures need to confirm whether they will be active during the upcoming academic year.

This is done by Filling in this form during either of this two-term times 10th- 30th September or 10th – 30th March to enable the clubs, societies, and student ventures committee plan accordingly.

And Submitting your new Activity Planner, updated club constitution if changes made previously were not reported and filling in the Committee Detail Form B in case there was an unreported re-election.

A-Z of Clubs and Societies Guide

As a club head or a member of any club, society or the Entrepreneurship Society, here is a list of what you need to know:


Constitutional changes and Appointments

Dissolving inactive clubs








Club Fair Pics

Active Clubs 2018/19

Have you been wondering which clubs are there on campus, where and when they meet? Well here is your answer, be part of the leaders outside the classroom narrative by taking leadership outside Leadership core.

Petty Cash Hours
November 5, 2018
Mapungubwe Room 013
Petty Cash Hours
November 2, 2018
Mapungubwe Room 013
Game Night Connect
October 12, 2018
ALU Campus, Cafeteria
Cancer Awareness
October 19, 2018
ALU Campus