Council Members

Meet your representatives

Lubalenkosi Ncube


4th year – Social Sciences student

Lubalenkosi is an aspiring Political Lawyer, born and bred in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, where she attended Dominican Convent High School and developed a passion for youth advocacy, through clubs such as Debate and Public Speaking, as well as her active role as a Junior Councillor in the Bulawayo Junior City Council.

Fun fact: I have an imaginary twin brother!

Modise Mphahlele


3rd year – Business Management student

When he is not making sure that the President has food, a snack and a bottle, Modise can be found around people or on his laptop learning things ALU have sparked his curiosity about, but don’t teach him. As a Pretoria born hustler, Modise speaks Gqom fluently and is passionate about building sustainable strategies, while helping / working with others to achieve their full potential.

Fun Fact: I used to be in the boys’ choir in High School

Linda Admassu


4th year – Business Management student

Linda is a business management senior from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. She nurtures a keen interest in finance and is also passionate about women empowerment. She hopes to make a difference by empowering other young women.

Fun Fact: I love minions!

Michael Muturi


4th year – Electrical Engineering student

Michael is final-year engineering major hailing from the green city under the sun. When he isn’t studying, you can catch Michael gazing into the golden sunset. Michael also loves to help his peers unlock their full potential through collaboration.

Fun Fact: Rumour has it I sleep faster when there is something playing in the background (those who have attempted to watch a movie with me can attest)

Michael Oshem Egor- Egbe

ALU Alive Head

3rd year – Business Management student

Oshem has always displayed strong passion for sport related activities. Growing up in Abuja, Nigeria, he always participated in sporting events that helped connect youth and contributed to community wellbeing. In the near future, he plans to collaborate with other young leaders across the continent to promote the sporting sector.

Fun Fact: I’m not funny but I can make you laugh

Kyatha Nthenya

Clubs and Societies Head

4th year – Electrical Engineering student

Kyatha Nthenya is an engineering student, passionate about creating and learning new things. She’s either mostly lost in her thoughts or reading Greek mythologies and philosophy.

Fun Fact: I write with both hands reverse as in mirror image of ‘normal writing.’

Obadeyi Oluseye

Academic Affairs Head

4th year – Business Management student

Growing up in Lagos, Nigeria, Seye has always been about serving and working hard to help build others in every way possible. This led him to join ALU where he has come to learn that there is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up.

Fun Fact: I’ve never been to a wedding ceremony before.

Annick La Reine Shimwa

Social Transformation Head

4th year – Business Management Student.

A writer, a feminist, and an ardent enthusiast of arts. Her passion for artsy work is centered around poetry-blogging, scriptwriting, and performing art. She enjoys exploring Afrocentric cultures, sharpening her leadership skills, and playing basketball.

Fun Fact: Okay…err, I’ve been trying to be vegan since September 2017, but alas here we are