Petty Cash Hours

Petty Cash Hours

Operating Procedure:

Step 1: Request- For a maximum amount of 5,000 Rs, a student makes a budget request 5 working days before the event using this form.

For any amount above that 5000 Rs. budget request should be made 14 days before the event. The reason is that for high transactional costs, the ALU student Life card or direct invoice payment will be made in liaise with the finance department .

Step 2. Review/Tracking- The SRC Treasurer checks the request made and follows to approve/decline the request. Funding request will be review and approved/declined based on the SRC’s financial capacity at that point in time

If the request is declined it is communicated and the process is closed off.
Requests will be reviewed two times a week – Monday and Wednesday between 9am – 10am, that coincide with petty cash office hours, which are Tuesday 12PM-1PM and Thursday between 4PM- 5PM held at the ALC Campus at Sankore-G-Bessie Head.

Step 3:Approval Communication is sent to the requesting body regarding the approval status of their request.

Step 4: Collection – The collection of cash is handled by the student to liaise with the set office hours time for collection of petty cash from the Treasure or appointed person. Petty cash collection will only be strictly handled on the scheduled office hours time. The treasurer has to sign the petty cash form on the day of collection.

Step 5: Closure Communication/ reminder is sent to the student to follow up on returning receipts. Receipts have to be strictly returned within 3 days of the events. Students should bring 2 copies and the original receipt(s) during the recept collection process.

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