Executive Committee

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee, also known as SRC ExCo, comprises of four positions, namely the

  1. President,
  2. Vice President,
  3. Secretary-General,
  4. Treasurer, respectively.

SRC ExCo is primarily responsible for establishing the overall structures, policies and procedures of the SRC.

Offices of the Executive Committee


The chief executive officer of the SRC who role entails, but is not limited to, being the spokesperson of the SRC and monitoring the overall programme of action of the SRC. The President also presides over student body meetings and represents students in all official University functions, both internally and externally.

Vice President

The Vice President is responsible for constitutional and policy affairs of the SRC, ensuring compliance with University policies, procedures and guidelines and also manages the external affairs of the SRC in conjunction with the President.

Secretary General

The Secretary General is the chief operations and administrative officer of the SRC, responsible for the overall management, operations, administration and activities of the SRC, as well as preparing and presenting the monthly reports shared with the ALU community.


The Treasurer is the chief financial officer of the SRC, responsible for the budgetary and financial policies of the SRC and is accountable for the budget of the SRC and affiliates, financial transactions and records, and fundraising in accordance with financial policies and rules of the University.

Treasurer's Office

Petty Cash Operating Procedures

  1. The SRC petty cash ways of working will only accommodate categories that fall under its mandate which includes
  • Student-run events
  • Club and societies
  • Alu Alive
  • Social Transformation
  • Academic Affairs
  • SRC Discretionary expense
  • Transport to off-campus events

This document will serve as a manual to provide the guideline and system of how the budget request, approval, tracking and collection process will be run under the SRC 2018/19.